Consignment Details

Have a Saddle to Sell?

Hunt Country Saddlery offer worldwide advertising and selling of your saddle.

A LOW 18% Commission rate! (15% above $4,000 selling price)

Some Facts on How Hunt Country is the Best Choice to list your saddle:

  • With the wide network we have, most saddles sell in weeks, not years.
  • All Saddles are checked by our saddle fitter and conditioned for no charge.
  • Your consignment saddle is always paid for previous to going out on a trial.
  • Your consignment saddle is always insured with Fed-Ex shipping.
  • Posting on worldwide selling websites.
  • There are no hidden charges or fees like other consigners.
  • Saddles are stored in our safe, temperature controlled location.
  • Payment to you is directly and within 3 days of your saddle selling. 

Please email or contact Hannah at to list today!